Facilities   Dr. K.N Shukla Central Computing Facility(CCF)

With the burgeoning technologies and the akin needs of people of the present tech era there need to be facilities at the forefront to make the life cushy.

Keeping this in mind, the grandiose structure of Dr. K. N. Shukla Central Computing Facility(CCF) was constructed in the memory of Late Dr. K. N. Shukla, former Dean, College of Technology under the World Bank funded project "Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme" (TEQIP). Dr. K. N Shukla held office from 20th October, 2001 to 12th November, 2001 and again from 1st July, 2003 to 9th June 2006.

Inaugurated on 5th Oct, 2007 , it was a bolt from the blue for every "Pantagun". Standing beside the Security Department the bijou structure attracts the attention of everyone passing near by. It is equipped with around 225 terminals including graphic workstations and high end desktops. College buildings and all the departments are connected with the CAT-6 server that utilizes an 8 Mbps internet connection facility provided by Reliance Communications. Webcams are placed at various locations inside the CCF to keep a sharp vigilance on the activities going inside the building. A special chamber marked as the "Server Room" houses 5 Xenon Servers ,1 Itanium Server with 2 terabyte of storage, one core switch, a number of L2,L3 switches and the CCTV Surveillance Station. The building is centrally air conditioned and is exceptionally clean. Right at the entry gate, a Biometric finger-print recognition system is placed which allows a person to enter only after proper authentication. It is mandatory for all the students to have their personal login Ids and passwords without which they could not access the net. The total cost of the project was around Rs 65 million.

With technological offerings of this kind, the days of ennui have been pushed to the depths of oblivion. The graft which took one hour prior to the CCF is now through in five minutes. If the students of Pantnagar can boast of something paramount in G.B.P.U.A&T it is the CCF. But there can never be an end to the up surging technology and we are sure the CCF will bloom the best. After all it’s the Crème de la Crème Four-square.