• Central Library

    A view of Asia's biggest library.

    The library building is a magnificent, multistoried structure, built on modern principles to house 3,50,000 books, displays 3,000 periodicals and seat 1,000 readers. Most strikingly, the architecture is such that the library building appears to be like a ship. The library without doubt is one of the best in the country. At present, the University Library holds a document collection of over 0.3 million consisting of books, bound periodicals, standards & other publications. Most of the books are related to scientific and technical curriculum of the University.

    In addition, to it a large numbers of books of general interest are available testifying to the genuine efforts of the University to promote an all round development among students. There is a large collection of books on travel, fine arts, history, current affairs, religions, political science as well as fiction. There is an excellent reference section comprising encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks etc. To meet the need of the times, a separate Hindi section has been introduced.Moreover, many facilities like Xeroxing, University Book Depot, student’s book lending cell & cartographic lab are also available for the students. The library is subscribed to many online journals & provides internet & software facilities to the students. The library has got a unique rental textbook scheme, wherein, the students are issued the required books for one semester at very nominal charges.Pantnagar University has the maximum no. of working days in India and our beautiful library easily succeeds in making these working days cherish able & fruitful for everybody.

    University Library has a highly specialised collection of 3.6 Lakh documents in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Home Science, Fisheries, Basic Sciences, Humanities, Technology & other allied subjects. The collection includes Books, Theses, Periodicals, Standards, Reprints, Maps, Toposheets, Globes, Microfilms, Microfiches, Records, Tapes & CD-ROMs. The collection grows at an average rate of 3000 Volumes per year. Students, teachers, & other staff of the university are eligible for the membership of the University Library. Library membership is also available to outsiders as "Special Guest Membership" against a security deposit of Rs.500 per book and a local guarantor. The library provides following services :

    • Reference & Information Service
    • Rental /Book Bank Textbook service
    • CD-ROM Based Bibliographical Search Service
    • Indian Agricultural Index
    • Reprographic Service
    • Inter Library Loan Service
    • On-line Full Text e-journals
    • OPAC (On-line public access catalogue)
    • Users Education

  • Central Computing Facility

    KNS Central Computing Facility.

    With the burgeoning technologies and the akin needs of people of the present tech era there need to be facilities at the forefront to make the life cushy.

    Keeping this in mind, the grandiose structure of Dr. K. N. Shukla Central Computing Facility(CCF) was constructed in the memory of Late Dr. K. N. Shukla, former Dean, College of Technology under the World Bank funded project "Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme" (TEQIP). Dr. K. N Shukla held office from 20th October, 2001 to 12th November, 2001 and again from 1st July, 2003 to 9th June 2006.

    Inaugurated on 5th Oct, 2007 , it was a bolt from the blue for every "Pantagun". Standing beside the Security Department the bijou structure attracts the attention of everyone passing near by. It is equipped with around 225 terminals including graphic workstations and high end desktops. College buildings and all the departments are connected with the CAT-6 server that utilizes an 8 Mbps internet connection facility provided by Reliance Communications. Webcams are placed at various locations inside the CCF to keep a sharp vigilance on the activities going inside the building. A special chamber marked as the "Server Room" houses 5 Xenon Servers ,1 Itanium Server with 2 terabyte of storage, one core switch, a number of L2,L3 switches and the CCTV Surveillance Station. The building is centrally air conditioned and is exceptionally clean. Right at the entry gate, a Biometric finger-print recognition system is placed which allows a person to enter only after proper authentication. It is mandatory for all the students to have their personal login Ids and passwords without which they could not access the net. The total cost of the project was around Rs 65 million.

    With technological offerings of this kind, the days of ennui have been pushed to the depths of oblivion. The graft which took one hour prior to the CCF is now through in five minutes. If the students of Pantnagar can boast of something paramount in G.B.P.U.A&T it is the CCF. But there can never be an end to the up surging technology and we are sure the CCF will bloom the best. After all it’s the Crème de la Crème Four-square.


  • Gandhi Auditorium.

    Gandhi Auditorium.

    Having a capacity of more than 1000 people this hall located centrally in the university is the heart of all major activities in the university. Besides this programmes from other colleges are also held in Gandhi hall. Apart from being the host to major cultural events of the colleges many conferences organised by the state government of uttaranchal and central Government are regularly held.


  • Stadium.


    GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology.

    The university has a Stadium with standard cinder track,sufficient space for spectators and adequate facilities for athletic events.

    • Gymnasium Hall with facilities for weight training, gymnasium & boxing etc.
    • Indoor wooden floor Badminton court in gymnasium Hall
    • Table Tennis hall with anti-slippery floor.
    • Central ground with Hockey, Football & Cricket
    • Cemented Basketball /Badminton courts.
    • Volleyball court.
    • Wrestling arena in gymnasium hall.
    • Squash courts
    • Cemented Lawn Tennis court.
    • Affiliations with mountaineering club, Nainital

    The students get ample opportunities for healthy competitions in the form of Inter Wing tournaments, Interbatch tournaments, Open University Championships and Inter Hostel tournaments. Those tournaments/competitions, also provide a basis for the selection of University team which are allowed to participate in out side arranged matches, U.P.Championships and Inter –varsity competitions. At present 18 games and sports clubs are functioning in the University. Each University team member is provided a playing kit Rs.400.00, fifty percent of which is met by the students. University has introduced five sports scholarships worth Rs. 150/- month.

    The University also provides sufficient game material to all the hostels as well as to the University teams at central ground.

    • Play ground for field games - 07
    • Badminton courts cemented - 23
    • Cricket pitches - 07
    • Tennis courts - 02
    • Volleyball courts - 28
    • Gymnastic(all apparatus Available) - 28
    • Kabbadi courts - 11
    • Facilities for Indoor games - 17

  • Banking and Medical

    Fully computerised Core-banking branch of SBI, UCO & PNB with ATM and Locker facility.

    The University Hospital has a very modest beginning and was started in the form of a dispensary for students and staff-community.Today it is a 60 bed hospital with 24 hour emergency ward and a host of other facilities and laboratories. The objectives of hospital are giving immunization, preventive approach towards health and treatment. Thus the activities include Treatment, Regular check ups, Vaccination, Awareness lectures etc. Recent major projects and developments in the Hospital during the last 6 months:

    • Hepatitis 'B' vaccination as a regular feature in hospital.
    • Cardio-Vascular camp for people above 50 years of age.
    • Blood Group detection camp for students.
    • Blood Donation Camps.
    • Free medical check up in Adarsh Bal Niketan as social service.

    Recently aquired equipments:

    • 3 channel ECG machine.
    • Auto analyzer for detailed pathological list.
    • 3 Ambulance
    • Aqua Guard facility

  • Hostels

    Hostel facility for students with Cafetaria, Common Room, Internet, TV, Geyser, Water Cooler with aqua guard, Hostel Library, Visitor Room, Courts for Basket Ball, Volley Ball & Badminton, Gymnasium etc.

  • Guest House

    The university has its well furnished guest houses which include 32 double-seated suites in Lambert Square Guest House, 24 double-seated in International Guest House, 15 double-seated in Training & Visit Guest House, 16 double-seated and 80 bed dormitory in Farmers' Hostel. The Guest House Unit provides board & lodging facilities to the VVIPs, VIPs, experts, external examiners, general visitors, trainees etc

  • Transport Pool

    ransport Pool is a key unit of university. This unit was established as a separate entity in 1971 to support teaching, research & extension activities of university. At present, trasport pool has seven buses and twenty motor vehicles of different makes to cater to the needs of various activities. The Pool is responsible for the maintenanace of all the university vehicles, more than 100 in number, besides its own vehicles through well established workshop of the transport section. Also, it provides technical know-how towards the purchase of suitable vehicles for various other units of the university.

  • Market and Cafeteria