Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

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About Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Department

The courses of mathematics were introduced in the Deptt. of Physical Sciences in the year 1960 along with the establishment of the university. The department was established in the year 1968 by the name Deptt. of Mathematics and Statistics which was latter renamed as Deptt. of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science in the year 1998. Earlier basic thrust of the department was to teach various undergraduate/ postgraduate programmes of the university. Department introduced computer usage in the university with acquisition of TDC-12 in 1973. Presently department offers M.Sc. (Maths), M.Sc. (Agricultural/Statistics) and Ph.D. (Maths) programmes. The research thrust areas are fluid mechanics, functional analysis, reliability theory, approximation theory, pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, applied statistics and sampling theory. The Department is rigorously pursuing the development of Mathematical and Statistical models for predication of agricultural production, disease surveillance and financial stock analysis. Computer-Assisted Teaching method is being followed in the Department. 6 Professors, 1 Associate Professors, and 2 Assistant Professors at present serve the Department.


  • M.Sc. (Mathematics)
  • M.Sc.. (Agricultural Statistics)
  • M.Sc. (Statistics)
  • Ph.D (Mathematics)


Computer Laboratories:

Department has about 200 computer programmes in FORTRAN for Mathematical and Statistical modeling. 16 VT-220 terminals are connected with LINUX based Super Server . One Pentium server and 15 PCs are connected on LAN for PG students and 10-Desktop PCs are for UG students

Departmental Library:

Besides the University Central Library, Department has its own library consisting of about 200 books of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science.


Professor & Head Of Department

Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. A.K.Shukla

Professor & Head


Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. Manoj Kumar


Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. S. B. Singh


Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. Vinod Kumar


Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. Haseen Ahmad


Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. Arun Kumar Pal


Associate Professor

Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Research work

Under the supervision of various scientists of the Department 34 research projects has been successfully completed.



Course Code Course Name Credits

Basic Mathematics 4(4-2-0)
BPM-501 Linear Algebra & Advanced Calculus 3(3-2-0)
BPM-511 Mechanics and Variational Principles 3(3-2-0)
BPM-531 Real Analysis 3(3-2-0)
BPM-532 Differential Geometry  and Tensors 3(3-2-0)
BPM-533 Topology 3(3-2-0)
BPM-534 Complex Analysis 3(3-2-0)
BPM-535 Differential Equations 3(3-2-0)
BPM-536 Abstract Algebra 3(3-2-0)
BPM-600 Seminar 1
BPM-601 Special Problem 1
BPM-602 Special functions & Integral Equation 2(2-1-0)
BPM-604 Difference, Differential Equations & Topology 3(3-2-0)
BPM-607 Transformations & Calculus of Variations 2(2-1-0)
BPM-635 Functional Analysis 3(3-2-0)
BPM-681 Mathematical method 3(3-1-0)
BPM-711 Mathematical modelling 3(3-2-0)
BPM-713 Boundary Value Problems 3(3-2-0)
BPM-731 Advanced Analysis 3(3-2-0)
BPM-732 Integral Transforms and Z-transforms 3(3-2-0)
BPM-734 Differentiable Manifolds 2(2-1-0)
BPM-737 Special Functions 3(3-2-0)
BPM-788 Doctoral Seminar-I 1
BPM-789 Doctoral Seminar-II 1
BPM-690 Masters Thesis/Research 20
BPM-790 Ph.D. Thesis/Research 45
Agricultural Statistics
Course Code
BPS-401 Probability Theory 2(2-1-0)
BPS-402 Statistical Inference 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-403 Experimental Designs & Sampling Methods 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-404 Applied statistics and regression analysis 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-561 Statistical Methods 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-571 Probability Theory and Distributions 2(2-2-0)
BPS-572 Design of Experiments-I 4(2-0-2*3)
BPS-573 Design of Experiments-II 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-574 Sampling Techniques-I 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-575 Sampling Techniques-II 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-576 Estimation & Statistical Hypotheses Testing 4(3-1-1*3)
BPS-577 Multivariate Analysis and Official Statistics 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-606 Computer Application in Biometrics 2(0-0-2*3)
BPS-661 Experimental Statistics 4(3-0-1*3)
BPS-662 Advanced Experimental Designs 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-663 Linear Models 2(2-1-0)
BPS-669 Operations Research 3(3-1-0)
BPS-671 Theory of Sampling 3(2-0-1*3)
BPS-672 Mathematical Statistics 3(3-1-0)
BPS-681 Data Analysis and Forecasting 3(3-1-0)
BPS-600 Master's Seminar 1
BPS-601 Special problems 1
BPS-690 Master's Thesis/Research 15
Computer Science (For minor in Computer Science)
Course Code
BPM-502 Introduction to Computers & Programming 2(1-0-1*2)
BPM-503 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3(3-2-0)
BPM-504 Data Processing 3(2-0-1)
BPM-538 Relational Data Base Management System 3(2-1-1*2)
BPM-540 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3(3-2-0)
BPM-551 Foundation of Theoretical Computer Science 3(3-2-0)
BPM-552 Programming Language Concepts 3(3-2-0)
BPM-553 Expert Systems 3(3-2-0)
BPM-605 Use of Computer Software 2(0-0-2*3)
BPM-611 Boundary Value Problems, Integral Equation and Numerical Analysis 3(3-2-0)
BPM-615 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3(3-2-0)
BPM-621 Numerical Techniques for Computers 3(3-2-0)
BPM-622 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations 3(3-2-0)
BPM-623 Computer Networks 2(1-1-1*3)
BPM-641 Object Oriented Programming 3(2-1-1*2)
BPM-642 Structured Computer Languages 3(2-1-1*2)
BPM-651 Computer Graphics 2(1-0-1)
BPM-652 Elements of Computer Operating System 3(2-0-1*3)
BPM-653 Principles Of Compiler Design 4(4-2-0)
BPM-655 Management Information System 3(2-0-1)
BPM-682 Numerical Methods 3(3-1-0)
BPM-683 Computer Application in Numerical Methods 3(0-0-3)
BPM-600 Master's Seminar 1
BPM-601 Special problems 1

Course Code Name Credits
BPS-110 Elements of Statistics 3(2-0-1*2)
BPS-200 Elementary Statistics  2(2-1-1*2)
BPS-218 Probability, Statistics and Queuing Models 2(2-1-0)
BPS-221 Fisheries Bio-statistics 3(3-2-1*2)
BPS-270 Basic Statistical Methods 2(1-1-1*2)
Computer Science
Course Code
BPM-104 Information & Communication Technology 2(1-0-1*2)
BPM-203 Computer Application 2(0-0-2*3)
BPM-261 Programming in Fortran and C 3(3-2-0)

Contact Person

Dr. A. K. Shukla
Professor & Head
Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science ,
College of Basic Sciences Humanities,
G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology,
Pantnagar 263145 Uttarakhand
Telephone No:05944-233350-4505(ext.)