Dr. S.K.Dubey

Educational Profile

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology, CNRS, Toulouse, France

D.Phil., University of Allahabad, Allahabad, India

M.Sc. (Biochemistry), University of Allahabad, Allahabad, India

Research Areas/ Specialisation/ Consultancy

Advanced Biochemistry, Chemoprevention, Natural Products

Teaching Experience

Nov 2015 - till date :                    Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, C.B.S.H, G.B.Pant Univ.                                                                           of Agri.& Technology, Pantnagar

Awards & Recognisation

Qualified NET-LS (National Eligibility test) and JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) conducted by UGC-CSIR, India

Bronze Medal in B.Sc. Biology Group, Ewing Christian College, University of Allahabad. India.

Courses Teaching/ Taught To

Undergraduate Course
BBC 261 Elementary Plant Biochemistry
BBC 361 Fundamental of Biochemistry
BBC 360 Elementary Biochemistry

Postgraduate Course
BBC 500 Chemistry of Biomolecules
BBC 510 Biochemical Techniques
BBC 640 Intermediary Metabolism I
BBC 765  Current topics in Biochemistry

Membership of Professional Societies

Life member of   “Society of Biological Chemist”, India.

Life member of  “National Academy of Biological Sciences”, India.

Thesis Guided

Institutional/ Administrative Experience

Any Other

Patent Filed:               IPMC/Patent-IPRs/F.No.-29/479 on 28/02/2018

Research Papers Published/ Presented

Important Publication:

13. Mishra H, Kesharwani RK* , Singh DV, Tripathi S, Dubey SK*,  Misra K, ( 2019) Computational simulation of inhibitory effects of curcumin, retinoic acid and their conjugates for GSK-3 beta. Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics. 8: 3. (*corresponding author).

12. Srivastava RM, Singh S, Dubey SK, Misra K & Khar A. (2011). Immunomodulatory and therapeutic activities of curcumin.International Immunopharmacology, 119(3), 331-341.

11. Kakarala M, Dubey SK, Dobry C, Xijian P, Murillo G, Parikh S, Amarasinghe C, Mehta R, Brenner DE.(2011). Vitamin D compounds induce BRCA1 expression and inhibit breast stem cells. Cancer Research , 71(8 supplement) -1842.

10 .Krishna S*, Ray A*,Dubey SK*,Larrouy-Maumus G, Chalut C, Castanier R, Noguera A, Gilleron M, Puzo G, Vercellone A, Nampoothiri KM, Nigou J. (2011) Lipoglycans contribute to innate immune detection of  mycobacteria. PLoS One, 6(12):e28476.( *equal contribution)

9. Mythri RB, Harish G, Dubey SK, Misra K and Bharath MMS. (2011) Glutamoyl diester of the dietary polyphenol curcumin offers improved protection against peroxynitrite mediated nitrosative stress and damage of brain mitochondria in vitro: Implications for Parkinson's disease. Mol Cell Biochem, 347(1-2):135-43.

8. Kakarala M, Dubey SK, Tarnowski M,Cheng C, Liyanage S, Tazi K,Sen A, Djuric Z, Brenner DE. (2010) Ultralow flow liquid chromatography assay with UV detection for piperine quantitation in human plasma. J Agr Food Chem, 58 (11), 6594-6599.

7.Harish G, Mythri RB,Venkateshappa C, Dubey SK, Misra K , Singh N, Vali Sand Bharath MMS. (2010). Bioconjugates of curcumin display improved protection against glutathione depletion mediated oxidative stress in a dopaminergic neuronal cell line: Implications for Parkinson disease. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 18, 2631-2638.

6. Dubey SK, Sharma AK, Narayan U, Misra K, Pati U. (2008) Design, synthesis and characterization of some bioactive conjugates of curcumin with glycine, glutamic acid, valine and demethylenated piperic acid and study of their antimicrobial and antiproliferative properties. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 43, 1837-1846.

5. Dubey SK, Dwivedi V & Misra K. (2007) Novel method for synthesis of monoesters of symmetric diphenolic compounds like curcumin (1, 7-Bis (4-hydroxy-3-methoxy phenyl) 1, 6-hepta diene-3, 5-dione) via solid phase synthesis. Synthetic communication, 37, 4265-4271.

4. Dubey SK, Pandey A, Mishra R, Kapoor N, Misra K. (2007) Site specific drug delivery by non-viral mode. Indian journal of biotechnology, 6, 159-174.

3. Dubey SK, Pandey A, Bajaj AK, Misra K. (2007) Some commercial azo dyes as Inhibitors of mushroom tyrosinase DOPA oxidase activity. Journal of Pharmacology and toxicology, 2(8), 718-724.

2.Dubey SK, Misra K,Tiwari A, Bajaj AK. (2006). Chemically induced pigmentry changes of human skin: interaction of some azo dyes with human DNA. Journal of pharmacology and toxicology, 1(3), 234-247.

1 Bajaj AK, Dubey SK, Misra K. (2004) A simple spectroscopic technique proposed for scanning the depigmenting potential for azo dyes. Contact Dermatitis, 51(2), 97-98.

Abstract in Conference / Proceedings / Symposiums: 

15.Dubey SK, An overview of concerns of climate change in 21st century. Proceedings of national seminar on “Reinventing government for the 21st century: state capacity in a globalizing society,”December 20, 2017 at UGC-HRDC, kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand.

14.Dubey SK, Anushree Tripathi, Rajesh Kr. Kesharwani, Madhuri Kakarala, Dean E Brenner, Durg Vijay Singh & Krishna Misra, Targeting breast cancer stem cells with curcumin and its synthetic bioconjugates: Implications for cancer chemoprevention and therapeutics. Proceedings ofNational Seminar  on Stem Cell An emerging HealthCare Frontier, August 20 -21, 2012 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology, Tikarmafi, AmethiGauriganj (UP) INDIA, India.

13. Rajesh Kumar Kesharwani, Dubey SK & Krishna Misra, In Silico study of some curcumin analogues for  anticancer activity by targeting ATPase region of topoisomerase II. Proceedings of 82nd Annual Session and National Symposium on “Nano-science &Technology for Mankind” November 29-December 01, 2012 Organized by Banaras Hindu University (BHU),Varanasi – 221 005 (U.P.

12.Kakarala M, Dubey SK, Dobry C, Xijian P, Parikh S, Amarasinghe C, Brenner DE, Mehta R. Vitamin D3 and its analogs induce breast stem cell differentiation via expression of BRCA1.  Proceedings of 102nd meeting of American Association of cancer research (AACR), USA, 2011, 

11. Dubey SK, Sharma AK,  Misra K, Pandey A, Pati U, Pandey R. A combined antisense and prodrug approach to target human telomerase. Proceedings of International Conference on "Chromosomes to Genome”, CCMB, Hyderabad, India,3-5 July, 2007.

10. Dubey SK, Dwivedi V, Misra K. Design, synthesis and characterization of mono and diesters of curcumin with some amino acids of biological significance and study of their antimicrobial properties: role of free phenolics. Proceedings of IIIrd Convention of Biotech Resarch Society of India, Anand, Gujrat, India. 2006.

9. Dubey SK, Pandey A, Sharma A, Pati U, Misra K. Telomerase lakshitpratyarthprakaushadhi, RNA curcumin vimethelikritpiperoylsanyugmakkiabhikalpana, sansaleshanevamiskimanav cancer koshikaonkepratikriyashilata.. Proceedings of National conference on Biotechnology and chemical technology,Trivandrum, India.14-16 Nov, 2006.

8. Dwivedi V, Prakash D, Dubey SK, Narayan U and Misra K. Pratisukshmajivanukarakkeroop me curcumin tatha amino amloke mono tathadiester: Muktphenolisasmuhokibhumika.Proceedings of National conference on Biotechnology and chemical technology,Trivandrum, India.14-16 Nov, 2006

7. Dubey SK,Kapoor N, Misra R, Narayan U, Misra K. Bioactive conjugates of Curcumin having peptide, ester, thiol and disulfide links. Proceedings of IIndConvention of Biotech Resarch Society of India, Chennai, India, 2005.

6. Kapoor N, Dubey SK,Dwivedi V, Misra K, Design and synthesis of telomerase targeted anticancer prodrug. Proceedings of IIndConvention of Biotech Resarch Society of India, Chennai,India, 2005. 

5. Dubey SK, A.K. Bajaj, Krishna Misra. Interactive studies of azo dyes with Calf thymus DNA. Proceedings of 6th CRSI National Symposium, Kanpur, India, 2004.

4. Dubey SK,Kapoor N, Misra R, Misra K. Study of effect of azo dyes on activity of tyrosinase enzyme. Proceedings of 74th annual session of National Academy of Sciences, Jaipur, India, 2004

3.  Misra S, Narayan U, Misra R, Dubey SK, Misra K. Design and development of Curcumin-piperic acid bioconjugates and their antibacterial and antifungal activity. Proceedings of 1st Biotech Research Society of India Convention, Jalgaon, India, 2004.

2.  Dubey SK, Kapoor N, Misra K. Study of interaction of Solvent yellow 3, an azo dye with Calf thymus DNA. Proceedings of 91st Indian Science Congress, Chandigarh, India, 2004.

1.  Bajaj AK, Misra K, Dubey SK, Kapoor N. Azo dyes depigmentation: the clinical presentation and some experimental aspect. Proceedings of 14th international symposium on contact dermatitis, Korea, 2003.

Books Published/ Edited

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