Dr. Sonu Ambwani

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Herbal Immunomodulation, Nanobiosafety

Teaching Experience

Awards & Recognisation

Young Scientist award, Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress at IIT, Roorkee, India held on November 10 - 11, 2008

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Research Papers Published/ Presented

Ambwani Sonu, Ambwani Tanuj, Singh S.P. and Chauhan R.S. (2010). Evaluation of allethrin induced immunotoxicity in avian lymphocytes. Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, Vol. 9, Issue: 1-2 68-70.

Vinay Kumar Singh., Sonu Ambwani, Soma S. Marla and Anil Kumar (2009). Cry-Bt identifier: A biological database for PCR detection of Cry genes present in transgenic plants. Bioinformation 4(5) 182-183.

Ambwani, Sonu; Tanuj Ambwani and R.S. Chauhan (2004). Studies on propoxur induced immunotoxicity in avian lymphocytes culture system. J. Immunol. Immunopathol. 6(2): 37-39.

Tanuj Ambwani, Sonu Ambwani and P.P. Goswami (2004). Comparison of sucrose and potassium tartarate gradient purification methods for buffalopox virus. Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 24(2): 94-95.

Goel, R.; Kumar, P.; Sinha, R. and Ambwani, Sonu. (2004). Dot blot assay using reverse probe genomic hybridization of repetitive DNA for environmental monitoring of fluorescent Pseudomonads. Indian Journal of Biotechnology. 3(1): 82-85.

Ravindra, P.V.; Singhal, L.K.; Ambwani, S.; Gupta, M.; and Chauhan, R.S. (2004). Chlorpyrifos induced apoptosis in avian lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology and Immunopathology. 6(S-1): 98-99.

Ambwani, Tanuj; Sonu Ambwani and P.P Goswami (2003). Densitometric analysis and immunogenic characterization of virion polypeptides of purified buffalo pox virus (BP-4 strain). J. Immunol. Immunopathol. 5(2): 46-50.

Ambwani, Sonu; Tanuj Ambwani and P.P Goswami (2003). Studies on cytopathic effects of a field isolate (BP-78) of bufallopox virus on vero cells. J. Immunol. Immunopathol. 5(2): 41-45.

Books Published/ Edited

  • Assistant Professor
  • Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering
  • Residence: I/204 Phool Bagh, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
  • Tel: --
  • E-mail: sambwani@gbpuat-cbsh.ac.in, ambwani_sonu@rediffmail.com

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