Dr. Prabha Pant

Educational Profile

M.A.( English), Ph.D from DSB Campus, Kumaum University, Nainital.

Research Areas/ Specialisation/ Consultancy

Indian English Literature & English language Teaching

Teaching Experience

18 Years.

Awards & Recognisation

Courses Teaching/ Taught To

1.BHS-176, Technical Writing- Taught to technology 1st yr  H.Sc .and Food Tech.1 year

2.BHs-174, Elementary English, Taught to 1st yr.Bio-Tech Students

3. BHS-254, Basics of English Language, Taught to 1st year Ag.

4.Bhs-355, Comprehension & Communication skills, Taught to III yr Ag

5. BBHS- 280communication Skills & personality Development, Taught to 2nd Yr.Ag.Engineering

6. BHS-377, Professional Communication, Taught to 3 yr. IT.

7.BHS-255, Structural & Spoken English, Taught to Ist yr Food.Tec

8.BHS-186,English,Taught to Technology Ist year.

9.BHS-286, Effective Technical Communication, Taught to IT,EE,CE,ME Ii yr.

10.BHS-387,Soft Skills, Taught to EE,II yr 

11.BHS-250 General English ,taught to H.Sc.I yr.

Membership of Professional Societies

1. Member of English Teachers Association ELT@A, Greater Noida Chapter
2. Life time membership of Indian Society for Technical Education.

Thesis Guided

Institutional/ Administrative Experience

1. Worked as Faculty Secretary of the college in 2008-09
2.worked as Faculty Secretary of the college in 2013-14.

Any Other

1.Member of women Empowerment cell of the college

2. Was a Member of Academic Council in 2008 &2013.

3. Guest Lecturer in Campus School

4. External Examiner of other universities.

Research Papers Published/ Presented

Pant,Prabha.That Long Silence:A Study of Suppressed Voices.Journal of English Literature and Language.Vol.II,No.1.Jalandhar:Dixit Publishing House,June,2008,27-46
2.Sah.B.L.,and Prabha Pant.A module on Bio-Daya,Curriculum-Vitae and Resume.Published by UGC-Academic Staff College,The Hermitage,Kumaun University,Nainital.July 2008,1-20.
3. pant,Prabha,and Anita Parihar.Traditionalim to Modernism:Shashi Deshpande's Feminism: Re-Markings,Vol.8.No.2,September 2009,Agra.
4.Pant,Prabha,and Shweta Arora.A Modern Women in Indian Society:Challenges they face.Vidya Megh.A monthly Journal of Vidya Group.Meerut: Vidya Prakashan Mandir.Ltd.August2009.
5.Pant,Prabha,Anita Parihar.Style&Technique in the Novels of Shashi Deshpende.Journal of English Literature and Language.Vol.III,No.1,Jalandhar:Dixit Publishing House,June 2009.
6.Pant,Prabha,and Anita Parihar.Gender,Self and the Question of Patriarchy:Two novels of Shashi Deshpande.The Quest:A Literary Journal,Vol,24,Number2,December 2010.
7.Pant,Prabha,and Shweta Arora.Small Remedies:A study of The Novelist Shashi Deshpande in context of Man-Woman Relationship.Vidya Megh.A monthly Journal of Vidya Group.Meerut:Vidya Prakashan Mandir,Ltd.June-July2010.
8.Arora,Shweta,and Prabha Pant.Grapevine:An Inevitable Communication Network.International Journal of Science Technology &Management.Paper ID IJSTM/2011/081211(http://IJSTM.com/vol2Issue4.html)
9.Arora,Shweta,andPrabha Pant.Female Migrants in the works of Bharati Mukherjee.Vidya Megh.A monthly Journal of Vidya Group.Meerut: Vidya Prakashan Mandir.Ltd.February-March2010.
10.Pant,Prabha."Application of Technical Advancements in instruction of Professional English".Remarking An Canalization 2.1(2016):20-22
11.Pant,Prabha,and Govind Singh kushwaha."Psychological Identity in Shashi Deshpande 's Moving On". Remarking An Analization 2.4 (2017):108-111.
12.Pant,Prabha."Group Discussion:Strategies and Dynamics".Shrinkhala.5. 2(2017):14-16
13.Pant,Prabha."Interview:A Doorway to a Professional World". Innovation The Research Concept 2.11(2017):64-66

Books Published/ Edited

One Manual on Technical Writing

One module on preparation of C.V. by U.G.C. Staff college, Nainita

Course writer for uttarakhand Open University

  • Associate Professor
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Residence: II/564, Chakferi, Near Gandhi Hostel, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
  • Tel: +91-9639263959
  • E-mail: ppant@gbpuat-cbsh.ac.in, prabha.pant15@gmail.com

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