Dr. Om Prakash

Educational Profile

B.Sc. (ZBC) Kumaun University Nainital
M.Sc.(Chemistry) Kumaun University Nainital
Ph.D.(Natural Products) Kumaun University Nainital

Research Areas/ Specialisation/ Consultancy

Organic chemistry, Natural products, Terpenoid Chemistry

Teaching Experience

UG and PG 13 years from 1999 till date

Awards & Recognisation

  1. Conferred Young Scientist Award in 2006 by UCOST in First Uttaranchal State Science Congress held at Dehradun
  2. Recipient of IASc – NASI-INSA Summer Research Teacher Fellowship 2007 at IISc- Bangalore.
  3. UGC-Post doctoral research fellow (2009-2011)

Courses Teaching/ Taught To

U. G (B. A. / B. Sc., etc Pass) BPC-141, BPC-145, BPC-146, BPC-147 (1999-Continue)

U.G. (B. A. / B. Sc. Etc., Hons) BPC-150, BPC-161, BPC-162 (1999-Continue)

P. G. (M. A. / M. Sc., etc.) BPC-500, BPC-501, BPC-502, BPC-531, BPC-602, BPC-631, BPC-534, BPC-614, BPC-711

Membership of Professional Societies

Life member of Indian Chemical Society, Kolkatta
Life Member of National Magnetic Resonance Society (NMRS)
Annual Member of Indian Science Congress
Member of Green Chemical Society, London

Thesis Guided

PG (M.Sc.)10
Ph.D. 04 (Registered)

Institutional/ Administrative Experience

Acted as Staff Counselor

Any Other

Research Papers Published/ Presented

Research Papers


  1. Om Prakash and A.K Pant. (2005). Curcuma amada Roxb. - Comparision of rhizome essential oil from different region. Indian Perfumer 49 (2), 185-187
  2. S. Joshi,. Om Prakash, G. Agarwal and A.K. Pant. (2005). Variation in Chemical composition of essential oil of Angelica glauca Edgew root from different regions. Indian Perfumer 49 (3), 339-343.
  3. Nirmala Joshi,. Om Prakash, S. Joshi, A. Shukla and A.K Pant. (2005) Composition of Essential oil of Ocimum basilicum L. grown organically. Indian Perfumer. 49 (3), 317-319.
  4. Om Prakash Anzum Zafar S.K. Hore A.K. Pant and C.S. Mathela.(2005). Effect of aqueous extracts of Hedychium coronarium Koen. Rhizomes and seeds and rhizomes of Zingiber roseum Rosc. on rat duodenal smooth muscle. Veterinary Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 4 (1-2), 50-51
  5. G. Agarwal, S. K. Hore, Om Prakash, and A. K. Pant (2006).Hypotensive activity of Trichilia connaroide

Books Published/ Edited

Published one book chapter
Two are accepted (publisher Academic Press London)
  • Professor
  • Chemistry
  • Residence: I/40, Lalbagh, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
  • Tel: +91-9411159551
  • E-mail: , oporgchem@gmail.com, op_orgchem@yahoo.co.in

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