Dr. Deepika P. Joshi

Educational Profile

  • Ph.D. (2005, Physics), GBPUA&T Pantnagar
  • UGC NET (2003, Physical Sciences)
  • M.Sc. (Physics, 1999) Kumaun University, Nainital
  • B.Ed., (1997) Kumaun University, Nainital
  • B.Sc. (PCM, 1996) Kumaun University, Nainital

Research Areas/ Specialisation/ Consultancy

Solid State Physics (Material sciences, Nanomaterials)

Teaching Experience

8 years

Awards & Recognisation

Summer fellowship of IASc. Bangalore in 2005.

Courses Teaching/ Taught To

U. G. Level
  1. BPP-124 Elements of Physics 2 (1+1)
  2. BPP-195 Physics-I 3(2+2+1)
  3. BPP-122 Elementary Physics 3 (2+1+1)
  4. BPP-196 Physics-II 3(2+2+1)
  5. BPP-197 Engineering Physics 3(2+2+1)
P.G. Level
  1. BPP-404 Physics for Agrometerologists 3 (2+1+1)
  2. BPP-530 Electronics 3 (3+1)
  3. BPP-730 Solid State Electronics 2
  4. BPP-534 Agrometerological Instrumentation 3(2+1+1)
  5. BPP-555 Bioelectronics and Biosensors 2
  6. BPP-571 Experimental Physics II 4
  7. BPP-570 Experimental Physics I 4
  8. BPP-631 Introduction to linear and digital Integrated circuits II 4(3+1)
  9. BPP-553 Solid State Physics II 3(2+1) PG
  10. BPP-630 Introduction to linear and digital Integrated circuits I 3(2+1+1)
  11. BPP-751 Advanced solid state Physics 2

Membership of Professional Societies

  1. Life member of Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT)
  2. Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

Thesis Guided

  1. Hem Chandra Pandey (M.Sc. Physics). Comparative study of equation of state for Nanomaterials at High temperature.
  2. Sanjay Kumar Upadhayay (M.Sc. Physics). Study of Thermo elastic properties of minerals at high temperature.
  3. Anjali Senger (M.Sc. Physics). High Pressure study of Nanomaterials

Institutional/ Administrative Experience

8 years

Any Other

Projects Handeled:
  • Development of Nano biosensor for the detection of some Pesticides, UCOST, Govt. of Uttarakhand (2010) (Co- PI).
  • Synthesis and characterization of core-shell particles, DES, GBPUA&T Pantnagar (2013) (PI).

Research Papers Published/ Presented

  1. Kandpal, Deepika, Singh, K.Y. and Gupta, B.R.K. �On pressure dependence of the relative compression (V/V0) at room temperature for the solids: Copper and Lead as prototypes.� Indian J.Phys. 78 A(3), 393-395(2004).
  2. Kandpal ,Deepika , Singh, K.Y. and Gupta, B.R.K., �Thermal properties of Copper and Aluminum at high temperatures.� Indian J.Phys. ,79(4) 367-371(2005).
  3. Kandpal, Deepika and Gupta, B.R.K. , �Analysis of thermal expansivity of Iron (Fe) metal at ultra high temperature and pressure.� Pramana 68 (1),129-134 (2007).
  4. Kandpal ,Deepika, Kalele, Suchita, and Kulkarni, S.K., �Synthesis and Characterization of Silica-Gold Core-Shell (SiO2@Au) nano particles� Pramana 69(2)277-283( 2007).
  5. Chandra, Jeewan, Kandpal ,Deepika and Gupta, B.R.K., �High temperature study of nanomaterials using Integral form of equation of state(IFEOS) � High Temperature- High Pressure 37, 325-333(2008).
  6. Chandra, Jeewan, Kandpal ,Deepika and Gupta, B.R.K., �Study of thermo elastic properties of nanomaterial under high temperature�, Physica B 404,1087-1091(2009).
  7. Chandra, Jeewan, Kandpal ,Deepika and Gupta, B.R.K., �High pressure behavoiur of MgO and CuO nanocrystals� International Journal of Physics, Vol-1(1-2), Page 1-8,(2008).
  8. Chandra, Jeewan, Kandpal ,Deepika and Gupta, B.R.K., �Applicability of IFEOS under high temperature � High Temperature- High Pressure 38,13-24(2009).
  9. Upadhyay,Sanjay, Chandra Hem, Joshi Meenakashi, Joshi, Deepika P.,�Thermoelastic properties of Minerals at high temperature� Pramana Vol-76(1),183-1888 (2010)
  10. Joshi Deepika P.� and� Senger Anjali, �Applicability of Different Isothermal EOS at Nanomaterials� Physics Research International, 927324 (2013)

  1. Kandpal, Deepika, .Singh, K.Y and Gupta, B.R.K. �Thermal expansion in Copper under the effect of high temperature.� (Proceedings of DAE Symposium, held at Jiwaji University Gwalior, 26-30 Dec 2003).
  2. Singh, K.Y, Kandpal, Deepika and Gupta, B.R.K. �Thermal expansivity of Iron(Fe) metal at ultra high pressure�. DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, Vol. 47,A p. 36 (2004).G.N.D. University, Amritsar.
  3. Kandpal ,Deepika, Joshi,G.C., Kalele, Suchita , and Kulkarni, S.K. � Study of Silica-Gold Core-Shell (SiO2@Au)Particles� MNNA- 2006 Delhi University, New Delhi.
  4. Chandra Jeewan, Kandpal Deepika, Gupta B.R.K., �High pressure behaviour of nanocrystalline Ni and Mo�, STEM 2007,G.B.P.Uni. of Ag.& Tech. Pantnagar.
  5. Chandra Jeewan, Kandpal Deepika, Gupta B.R.K., �Study of Sno2Nanocrystal at high pressure�, second national congress by UCOST,2007,K.U.Nainital.
  6. Chandra Jeewan, Kandpal Deepika, Gupta B.R.K., �High pressure behaviour of Pbs nanocreystal�Recent advances in Nanotechnology,2007, ITM Gurgaon.
  7. Kandpal Seema ,Kandpal Deepika, �Photoacoustic spectroscopy: effect of thickness on thermal diffusivity of semiconductor thin film.� , second national congress by UCOST,2007, K.U.Nainital.
  8. Chandra Jeewan, Kandpal Deepika, Gupta B.R.K., �High temperature study of nanomaterial Fullerene� International conference Advances in mathematics,2007,G.B.P.U.Ag.& Tech. Pantnagar.
  9. Chandra Jeewan, Kandpal Deepika, Gupta B.R.K., �Behaviour of MgONanocrystal at High Pressure�, MNNA, 2007, Delhi University, New Delhi.
  10. Chandra Jeewan, Kandpal Deepika, Gupta B.R.K., �High pressure behaviour of nanocrystalline Ni� DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, Vol. 52, page 253(2007), University of Mysore.
  11. Agarwal Ruchi, Chaudhary Manav Kr, Kumar Rajesh, Kandpal Deepika, Singh K.P., �Detection of Antigine Using Piezoelectric anobiosensor�,MNNA, 2007,Delhi University, New Delhi
  12. Rana Geeta, Kandpal Deepika, and Johri Umesh C., � Dependency of dielectric constant on the cation distribution for magnetite nanoparticles� AIP Conf. Proc. 1512, 992 (2013); doi: 10.1063/1.4791376
  13. Nainwal Seema, Joshi Deepika P., �Detection of thyroid stimulating hormone in human blood serum using photoacoustic spectroscopy� Spectroscopy Letters: An International Journal for Rapid Communication (Taylor & Francis).

Books Published/ Edited

  1. Behaviour of metals at high temperature and high pressure
  • Associate Professor
  • Physics
  • Residence: Field Hostel 62, Phoolbagh, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
  • Tel: +91-9410725964
  • E-mail: dpjoshi@gbpuat-cbsh.ac.in, deepikakandpal@gmail.com

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