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About Biological Sciences Department

The Department of Biological Sciences is one of the first departments established in this university in 1960. Intended with the teaching of basic Biology courses at the inception, the department over the period has developed expertise and the courses in basic and applied fields of Biology like Botany, Zoology, Nematology, Biodiversity, Rhizosphere Biology, Taxonomy/ Molecular Systematics etc. Laboratories in the department are well equipped with an extensive range of facilities and apparatuses commensurate with its broad expertise. The areas of teaching includes the traditional basic fields like Phycology, Mycology, Bryology, Angiosperms, Bacteriology, Lichenology, Ecology, Plant Taxonomy, Economic Botany on the one hand vis-a-vis contemporary advanced fields like Plant biodiversity, Rhizosphere Biology, Plant Life in Extreme Habitats, Molecular Taxonomy at the other hand to extend a perfect amalgam of Biology to students.


  • M.Sc. (Botany)
  • Ph.D. (Botany)



  • Teaching Lab
  • Rhizosphere Biology Lab
  • rMicrobial Ecology Lab
  • PG Research Lab
  • UG/PG Instructional Lab
  • Herbarium and Plant Systemetics Lab
  • Fermentation Lab


Aeroponic systems, Autoclaves, BOD Incubators, CO incubators, Compound Research Microscope with 2 DIC & Phase Contrast, Binocular Research Microscopes, Deep Freezers, Denaturing Gradient Gel Elecrophoresis, Electronic Balances, Elecrophoresis Units for Protein and DNA, Laminar Flow, Hot Air Ovens, Incubator Shakers, Lyophilizer, pH Meters, Vortex Mixers, Magnetic Stirrers, Refrigerated Centifuge, Refrigerators, Temperature and Humidity Controlled Greenhouse, Thermal Cyclers, Triple Distillation Unit, UV Transilluminator, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Water Bath, Water Purification System, Advance Cryostate Microtome,GPS Handheld Mapping Device, Digital SLR Camera, Electronic Balance, Fermentor.


Professor & Head Of Department

Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. P. B. Rao

Professor & Head


Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. A.K.Sharma


Assistant Professor

Dr.Vandana A. Kumar

Dr. D. S. Rawat

Assistant Professor

Research work

The research thrust areas are Plant Diversity, Community and Population Ecology, Allelopathy, Rhizosphere Biology, Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides, Morphogenesis and Tissue Culture, Bio-prospecting, Medicinal Plants, Plant Systematics and Invasive Alien Floristics.
Synchronizing with the need of hour, the department has adopted inter-disciplinary approach to solve the problems of productivity potential through symbiosis and sustainable eco-management system. The faculty has contributed to the development of science through quality research publications in reputed international and national journals of science, and by publishing lab manuals, bulletins, text books and reference materials. Presently the department has many national and international collaborative projects.



Course Code Course Name Credits
BBB 500

Plant Diversity I 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 501 Plant Diversity II 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 510 Plant Morphology and Anatomy 2(1-0-1*3)
BBB 520 Angiosperms, Systematics and Economic Botany 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 525 Angiosperms: Diversity and Resources Utilization 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 530 Fundamentals of Ecology 3(2-0-1)
BBB 535 Plant Ecology 2(2-0-0)
BBB 540 Plant Embryology 2(1-0-1*3)
BBB 545 Biology of Plant Reproduction 2(1-0-1*3)
BBB 599 Mycology 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 600 Seminar 1
BBB 601 Special Problem 2
BBB/BBE 613 Biodiversity: Concepts, Management Practices 2(2-0-0)
BBB 615 Advance Mycology 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 620 Introductory Mycology 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 625 Mycology I 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 626 Mycology II 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 630 Myco-Physiology 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 651 Plant Taxonomy 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB 690 M.Sc. Thesis Research 20
BBB 700 Seminars 1
BBB 705 Plant in Extreme Habitats 2(2-0-0)
BBB 710 Rhizosphere Biology 2(2-0-0)
BBB 721 Ethanobotany 2(2-0-0)
BBB 730 Recent Advances in Biosystematics 2(2-0-0)
BBB 750 Plant Molecular Taxonomy 2(2-0-0)
BBB 788 Doctoral Seminar-I 1
BBB 789 Doctoral Seminar-II 1
BBB 790 Doctoral Thesis Research 45



Course Code Name Credits
BBB103 Elementary Biology 4(3-0-1*3)
BBB105 Introductory Biology 3(2-0-1*3)
BBZ225 Human Physiology 3(2-0-1*3)
BBB400 Fundamental of Biology 4(3-0-1*3)

Contact Person

Dr. Preeti Chaturvedi
Professor & Head
Department of Biological Sciences,
College of Basic Sciences Humanities,
G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology,
Pantnagar 263145 Uttarakhand
Telephone No: 05944-233309(O)