Bioinformatics Centre

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About Bioinformatics Centre

Bioinformatics Sub-DIC was established in November 1998 in the College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar and since then it is an inherent part of the Pantnagar Biotechnology Programme and one of the first Sub-DIC in Uttarakhand. Every year bioinformatics courses are being offered by the centre to the postgraduate students of various disciplines including Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Plant Breeding and Genetics and dessiminate bioinformatics education through lot of emphasis on theoretical as well as on hand practical training. In addition to teaching of the university’s students, centre also actively imparts bioinformatics knowledge to students, researchers and academicians of other universities by timely conducting on-hand trainings and workshops both on wide and specific areas of bioinformatics and system biology with special reference to the applications in agricultural biotechnology. The center provides strong in silico support to the ongoing research activities in the University and Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. The centre has been actively involved in creating useful tools and databases which have been successfully integrated into the wet lab research. Nonetheless, the centre also provides support to the students of other universities to persue their research in various areas of bioinformatics and complete their dissertations.


  • This department currently runs no academic programmes.



  • Bioinformatics Laboratory


  • Two servers and 40 computers operated in both WINDOWS and 2 LINUX environments.
  • Internet Connectivity, Xerox, Printing & around the clock internet connectivity facilities.
  • State of art Bioinformatics software packages such as DNASTAR, Exome, Hypercham, Shrodinger, Genocheck, Optgene, GENOCLUSTER, GCG, MOE, AMBER8 along with several free public database & tools are available.
  • Some of the available tools are: SWISS PDB VIEWER,VMD, Rasmol, MolMol, DNAMAN, MEGA, SPSS, PHYLIP, WINBOOT, WINGENE, WINPEP & MASQUIT

Main Thrust Areas

  • Information Dissemination in Biotechnology
  • Protein structure modeling & Drug design
  • Metabolic pathway modeling
  • Plant Molecular Biology
  • Signal Transduction
  • Biotic and abiotic stress
  • Molecular Diagnostics

Our Tools And Databases

  • Seed Pro-nutra Care: Database for seed storage protein
  • Phyto-Onco Therapeutic: Database for Anti-Cancerous & Anti-Oxidant Plants
  • Tripath: Database for three economically important fungal wheat pathogens
  • Phyto Diab Care: Phytoremedial Database for Antidiabetics
  • Cry-Bt Identifier (Database for Cry-bt genes)
  • Pathogenic Bacterial Genome Viewer
  • Seed storage Proteins in Rice
  • SIMPIRIS: Significant Medicnal Plant Resouce Of Indian Subcontinent


  • Bioinformatics Facility included in 21 days “National Training Workshop on Application of Genomics in Crop Improvement” ( 27th Dec. 2012-16th Jan 2013)
  • Functional Genomics & System Biology in Agriculture (15-18th Sept 2012)
  • Intervention of Bioinformatics in Bio-indexing Technologies (10-14th-Oct 2011)
  • Application of Machine Learning Tools in Bioinformatics (Oct, 23-25,2010)
  • “Identification & Validation of Molecular Markers for enhancement of Agricultural Productivity ”
  • Biological sequence analysis and application in Agriculture & Veterinary (Sept 02-04, 2009)
  • Protein Structure Prediction And Applications In Agriculture & Veterinary (Sept 09-11, 2008)


Other Details

  • Conducting research in various areas of Bioinformatics
  • Maintain an information repository in the area of biotic and abiotic stresses and molecular diagnostics in crop plants.
  • Provide a database for the signal transduction pathways and their components related to invoking of disease and disease resistance.
  • Develop training modules in the field of Bioinformatics giving knowledge of designing and function of the databases and modeling softwares for proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Develop public information resource and online educational, packages as well as databases (for aforesaid areas) for specific users.
  • Provide a network for linking crop biotechnology scientists.

Contact Person

Dr. Anil Kumar
Professor & Coordinator
Bioinformatics Centre,
College of Basic Sciences Humanities,
G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology,
Pantnagar 263145 Uttarakhand
Telephone No: 05944-233898(O)