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Heartily Welcomes The Members of Peer Review Team, Heartily Welcomes The Members of Peer Review Team

College of Basic Sciences And Humanities

G.B. Pant university of Agriculture And Technology Pantnagar-263145
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Biotechnology can be viewed as group of useful enabling technologies that have tremendous potential in precision farming and molecular agriculture. In view of the importance of biotechnology, University has initiated Biotechnology program in 1986 to develop suitable biotechnological techniques to complement conventional methods of raising field crops. The Biotechnology program started in 1988 with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India which serve as the nodal department besides imparting training to postgraduate students as part of manpower development program.After initiating the M.Sc. program, the department initiated a Ph.D. program in 1995 and has been offering it as inter-disciplinary program with curricular and faculty inputs from different departments. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs essentially provide basic and applied science curricula and specialized skills for profitable employment. The students of this program not only excelled nationally but also internationally. Almost all students qualified the competitive NET/GATE and CSIR and DBT-JRF examinations and found placements in premier National/International Institutes. In 2008, B. Tech Biotechnology programme was started to cater the need of growing industrial sectors. Year 2012-13, we are celebrating our silver jubilee year after completion twenty-five years of Pantnagar Biotechnology programme. During this journey, programme has got national recognition and rated one of the Top-ten biotech schools in the country. In year, 2011 The master’s programme in agricultural Biotechnology has been ranked under A categories.

Teaching Labs
  •  UG Lab
  •  PG Lab-I
  •  PG Lab –II
Academics (Degrees Offered)
  •  B.Tech. (Biotechnology)
  •  M.Sc. Ag. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)
  •  M.V.Sc. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)
  •  Ph.D. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)
Facilities Research Labs
  •  Quality Assurance & Molecular Analytical Lab
  •  Plant Stress and Molecular Cell Biology Lab
  •  Bioprospecting & Metabolomics Lab
  •  Biosafety & Molecular Diagnostic Lab
  •  Immunobiological & Proteomics Lab
  •  Bioresources & Genomics Lab
  •  Bioinformatics & System Biology Lab
  •  Plant Tissue Culture Lab
  •  Animal Cell Culture Lab
  •  Molecular Cytogenetic Lab
  •  Central Equipment Facilities Lab –I
  •  Cenrral Equipment Facilities Lab- II
  •  Gyan Vigyan Nilyam Library Facility

Modi Xerox Machine, Ice Flakar machine, CryoCan, Electronic Single Pan balance Model, Ovens, Refrigerator, Centrifuge TL-100 Backman, Water bath, Lyophilizar, Spectrophotometer, Vacuum Pump 0.25 HP, Microfuge model, UV-Vcs. Spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis system, RC. 5C Super Speed Refrigerated centrifuge, Wide Photomicroscope with transmitted light illumination (Bebovert invested Microscope Leitz with its accessories), Homogenizer, Polywar wide field microscope, HPLC System, Incubator Shaker, CO Incubator autozen System B-5061, Plant 2 Growth Chamber, Electrophoresis system Submarine (Analytical Model (SES 02),Preparative model (SES 03), Ultra Low Freezer -900C (Deep Freezer), Microscope, Olympus Model HB, Fume Cup Board, Elisa Reader, Gas Chromatography, Electrophoresis System, Stebgel System, Protein gel electrophoresis, Gel Documentation system, Phosphor Imager, FTIR Spectrophotometer, pH Analyser , Rotary Vacume and filter evaporator, Magnetic Stirrer, PCR, Digital colorimeter, Aspirater appasator, Electronic Analytical Balance, GC-MS, Super Critical Fluid Extraction facility, HPLC System (Semi-preprative), surface Plasmon Resonance, Hydroshear,, Genetic Analyzer, Micro-array, 2-D Gel Electrophoresis, FPLC System, Caplillary Electrophoresis, Nano-drop Spectrophotometer, Microspectrophotometer, Real-time PCR, UV Fluorescent Microscope, Thermal Block, Fluorescence Plate Reader, Transgenic Green Houses, Pathogen Inoculation facility, Hybridization cum cross linkers.

Dr. A.K. Gaur
Professor & Head
Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Environmental Biotechnology
Dr. Sandeep Arora
Professor & Dean CBSH
Oxidative Stress Biology
Dr. Sundip Malik
Professor & Coordinator, Bioinformatics Sub-DIC, Pantnagar
M. Phil., PhD, BOYSCAST Fellow
Molecular Cytogenetics
Dr. Gohar Taj
Associate Professor & Incharge, Bioinformatics Sub-DIC, Pantnagar
Protein Protein Interaction,Signal Transduction Plants Signaling Pathways Transgenics
Dr. B.R. Singh
Associate Professor
Plant Tissue Culture & Genetic Transformation
Dr. Sonu Ambwani
Assistant Professor
Animal Cell Culture, Immunology
Dr. Dinesh Pandey
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)
Plant Molecular Biology
Dr. Pushpa Lohani
Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology & Cell Biology
Dr. Priyanka Pandey
Assistant Professor
Animal Cell Culture and Stem Cell
Dr. Sneh Gautam
Assistant Professor