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Heartily Welcomes The Members of Peer Review Team, Heartily Welcomes The Members of Peer Review Team

College of Basic Sciences And Humanities

G.B. Pant university of Agriculture And Technology Pantnagar-263145
Department of Microbiology
Department of Microbiology

The universal recognition of microbes in daily life and more so in agriculture, led to the establishment of the Department in 1960. Master’s and Ph.D. programmes were amongst the first P.G. programmes to be initiated in the University. The present emphasis of research in the Department is on cold shock proteins and microbial inoculants and molecular microbial ecology.The Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India has established a canter of Research on Bacteria and Archaea with five sub-centres in the country under the All India Coordinated project on Taxonomy(AICOPTAX). The Department of Science & Technology has recognised the department under the DST-FIST sponsored in Biotechnology (ICSB) in the country and operates a research

Academics (Degrees Offered)
  •  M.Sc. (Microbiology)
  •  Ph.D. (Microbiology)
Functional laboratories in the department
  •  Microbial genomics Lab
  •  Fermentation Lab
  •  Rhizosphere biology Lab
  •  Bioinoculants Lab
  •  Molecular biology lab
  •  Chromatography Lab
  •  DNA Sequencer Cell
  •  DNA Fingerprinting Lab
  •  P.G. Teaching Lab
  •  U.G. Teaching Lab

Gradient PCR, Gel documentation system, DGGE system, Water Purification System, Low Temp. Cabinet(-800C), UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Streozoom Microscope with protomicrography attachment, Fluroscent microscope, Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuges 4, Ultrasonicator, Ion- chromatography System, Low temp incubator shakers, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Computers-six(HP 6100) Server(High Configuration,Xeon based-IBM), Printers, Scanners, RT-PCR, Incubator Shaker, DNA sequencer.

Dr. Lakshmi Tewari
Professor & Head
Ph.D. (Microbiology)
Agricultural Microbiology, Bioethanol Production
Dr. Manvika Sahgal
Senior Research Officer
Bacterial Taxonomy and Phylogeny
Dr. Ajay Veer Singh
Associate Professor
NET, Ph.D. (Microbiology)
Rhizosphere Microbiology