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Heartily Welcomes The Members of Peer Review Team, Heartily Welcomes The Members of Peer Review Team

College of Basic Sciences And Humanities

G.B. Pant university of Agriculture And Technology Pantnagar-263145
Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry has been devoted towards quality teaching and research since inception. The department presently conducts M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in agricultural chemicals and chemistry. Presently department has two Assistant Professors and seven Professors. The department has substantial potential of teaching and research in the area of agricultural sciences with emphasis on agrochemicals, phytochemistry, green chemistry, pesticide residue, bio inorganic, plant microbiology and material science. Since past couple of decades, substantial funding has been availed by the department from DRDO, UGC, DBT, DST, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology, private organizations and DST, FIST. The department is equipped with necessary modern analytical facilities for fundamental and applied research. The department has collaborations with various national institutes and universities for multidisciplinary research. The worth of dissemination of research through quality publications and patents has been established by the department. Many patents have been granted to department and a number are in the process of grant.

  •  Development of human resource to meet the national and international standards
  •  Development of laboratory as per GLP norms for quality education and research
  •  Development of befitting technologies for agrochemicals and chemical industries
  •  Strengthening modern analytical techniques for quality teaching and research
Academics (Degrees Offered)
  •  M.Sc. (Agricultural Chemicals)
  •  M.Sc. (Chemistry)
  •  Ph.D. (Agricultural Chemicals)
Facilities Departmental
  •  Phytochemistry Laboratory
  •  Residue Chemistry Laboratory
  •  Bioinorganic Chemistry laboratory
  •  Material Science Laboratory
  •  Green Chemistry Laboratory
  •  GC and HPLC laboratory
  •  Physical Chemistry laboratory
  •  Analytical Chemistry laboratory
  •  PG Research laboratory
  •  UG laboratory

HPLC (Preparative & semi preparative), G.C. UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, Supercritical Reactor, Gel Permeation chromatograph, HPLC, Semi preparative HPLC, Photochemical Reactor, Luminometer, Electro Chemical Work Station, Four Probe conductivity meter, Ultrasonicator, FT-IR spectrophotometer.

Dr. Viveka Nand
Professor & Head
Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Coordination chemistry, Bioremediation
Dr. M.G.H. Zaidi
Supercritical processing of polymers and nanocomposites for structural, electrochemical energy storage
Dr. Virendra Kumar
Organic chemistry, Synthetic chemistry, Natural products chemistry
Dr. Anjana Srivastava
Organic Chemistry
Dr. Om Prakash
Organic chemistry, Natural products, Terpenoid Chemistry
Dr. Shishir Tandon
Residue chemistry, Agricultural Chemicals, Pesticide chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Phytochemistry
Dr. Ravendra Kumar
Assistant Professor
Natural Products, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceutical Compounds
Dr. Sameena Mehtab
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee), PDF (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Inorganic Chemistry