B.tech Biotechnology Program


College of Basic Sciences and Humanities,

G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

Coordinators of the B.Tech Biotechnology Program

Prof. B.R.K. Gupta

Prof. Uma Melkania

Prof. A.K. Shukla

Prof. Rita Goel

Prof. Sandeep Arora

About The University

G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology is the first State Agriculture University established in India. The University came into existence on November 17th, 1960 on a Land Grant Pattern. Right from the time of its inception, the University has laid emphasis on the holistic development of Indian Agriculture through integration of teaching, research and extension activities. This meticulous approach has earned rich dividends for the University, as it has thrice been adjudged as the Best State Agricultural University, by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. The University has played a key role in ushering Green Revolution in Indian and has rightly been recognized as the Harbinger of Green Revolution in India.

The University provides a lively campus life with excellent academic environment. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in disciplines like Agriculture, Technology, Basic Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Home Science, Fisheries Sciences, Agri-Business Management etc. The University has a worldwide footprint and is credited with producing one of the finest graduates in the country.

About The College

The College of Basic Sciences and Humanities was established as one of the first constituent Colleges in the University, at the time of its inception in 1960. The strength of the College lies in its interdisciplinary approach to education and research, through a unique integration of Physical and Biological Sciences. The College offers maximum number of interdisciplinary courses in the University and also enrols maximum number of students in its courses.

Currently the College of Basic Sciences & Humanities has 10 different departments and three auxiliary research facilities namely Radio Isotope Tracer Laboratory, Bioinformatics & In-silico Biology Unit and Central Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility. All the departments are fully equipped for online as well as classroom teaching activities and have state-of-art research facilities, supported by research grants from various National and International agencies.

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering is the youngest and most vibrant constituent department of the College of Basic Sciences & Humanities. The Master’s program of the Department is fully funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. The department also serves as the nodal department for the B.Tech. (Biotechnology) program of the University. The Biotechnology program specifically caters to the industry centric needs for trained human resource in Agri-biotech sector. The department follows a pyramidal approach of learning, wherein the students follow Basic, fundamental and then advanced courses in agricultural biotechnology in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Semester respectively, followed by a specialized research problem in the 4th semester, for obtaining hands-on training in experimental & analytical skills in Biotechnology.

The Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering department (or Biotech Department, as it is commonly known) has developed specialized linkages with the industry and interdisciplinary collaborations in research, for transfer of technologies and patents, generated through extensive research.

B.Tech. (Biotechnology) Program

Accredited by ICAR, Govt. of India

Considering the growing demand for trained human resource in the sunrise industrial sector of Biotechnology, it was envisaged to start an undergraduate program in Biotechnology. The B.Tech. (Biotechnology) program was initiated in the year 2008, with an intake capacity of 40 students per annum. The objective of the program is to provide quality education and training to the Biotech students, so as to enable them to explore and invent biotechnology based career prospects and entrepreneurial opportunities. The program emphasizes on the holistic development of young minds for sharpening their critical thinking abilities and providing cross boundary solutions to problems that involve biotechnology based inputs.

The B.Tech (Biotech) program places equal emphasis on plant, animal and microbial systems. Emphasis is laid on interdisciplinary learning approaches, wherein students are encouraged to take courses from across the disciplines like agriculture, horticulture, engineering, computational biology etc. The program immensely benefits from the existence of a full-fledged biotechnology department having internationally acclaimed teaching program. The nodal department has specialized function based research laboratories, equipped with state of art equipment and instruments for taking up basic as well as applied research in the frontier areas of Biotechnology. The undergraduate students also carry out research on a practical problem of their choice; wherein the students get hands on training in designing research methodology and also learn day-to-day experimental trouble shooting under the guidance of senior doctoral students, so as to safely make mistakes and learn organically.

The B.Tech. (Biotechnology) program encourages innovation in ideas to support entrepreneurship, providing platforms for knowledge sharing for the students and encourages students to participate in skill development programs. Presently we have two industry linked entrepreneurial programs in line, wherein the students learn the basic entrepreneurial skills in Bio-fortification and hydroponics. The two areas have been earmarked keeping in mind the demands of local hill population. The entrepreneurial skill development also encompasses lectures on the market economy and sustainability, by experts from the college of Agri-business management.

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