Science & Humanities Society

College of Basic Sciences & Humanities , Pantnagar is one of the premier institutes in northern India. The institute is not only well-known for academic excellence but also offers excellent opportunities, covering a very wide range, to its students to participate in recreational and creative activities through its Science & Humanities Society (SHS). SHS intends to serve as the nerve centre of all student activities in the campus.It aims to foster a well-balanced development of its members through excellence in extra-curricular activities along with their academic achievements.It organizes the following activities:
The Fresher's Program | The CBSH Night | Seminars | Foundation Week

Current Members:

President(P.G) : Apoorv Pant

Vice President (P.G.) : Pankaj Singh Rawat

Vice President (U.G.) : Vishal Singh

Joint Secretary: Antriksh Tyagi

Treasurer : Nandita Fuloria

Cultural Secretary : Sonakshi Arya

Sports Secretary : Arpita Rawat