• Science & Humanities Society

    College of Basic Sciences & Humanities , Pantnagar is one of the premier institutes in northern India. The institute is not only well-known for academic excellence but also offers excellent opportunities, covering a very wide range, to its students to participate in recreational and creative activities through its Science & Humanities Society (SHS). SHS intends to serve as the nerve centre of all student activities in the campus.It aims to foster a well-balanced development of its members through excellence in extra-curricular activities along with their academic achievements.It organizes the following activities: The Fresher's Program | The CBSH Night | Seminars | Foundation Week

  • Gene Riders

    Gene Riders, the Branch Chapter of B.Tech Biotechnology, intends to serve as the nerve centre of all student activities in the campus. It aims to foster a well-balanced development of its members through excellence in extra-curricular activities along with their academic achievements.

  • Events/Fests

    Blitzkrieg, The Band War

    5th May 2013

    Blitzkrieg, the Band War held successfully on 5th May 2013.
    Winner: Rooh (COT Pantnagar)
    Runner-up: Junkyard (Bhimtal)

    Feel thousands of watts of sound purge you of your boredom as you headbang your way. Groove to sound of some of the best bands as they battle it to be crowned the ayatollahs of rock and roll. 5000 People, Skyrocketing adrenaline. Shouts and shrieks. No limits. No bounds. Unbridled excitement. Uncapped noise!!!

    Be there to experience the madness!!! Imagine your sensory world in rambles, your auditory intake a rock station, where your fixation to music blasts incessantly into your ears. Your search for something wild that has been eluding you for long ends here!

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    Science Week

    23rd to 28th February, 2013

    23rd feb, 2013
    Inaugural Lecture
    Science Quiz

    24th feb, 2013
    Poster Competition

    25th feb, 2013

    26th feb, 2013
    Exhibition/ Visit

    27th feb, 2013

    28th feb, 2013
    Prize Distribution


    Entree of the intellects

    Aagmann'12 held successfully on 6th November'12

    Fun, frolic, smiles, and rejuvenated spirits mark the start of the academic session of 2012-13 at CBSH Pantnagar. The senior batch heartedly welcomes their juniors. The auspicious day began with the lighting of lamp and gardlanding of Goddess Saraswati. The mesmerizing music, songs, flash freezing lights and the exuberant students were the defining moments of the party. It was the day of love, affection, trust and above all the bond of togetherness and belonginess. On the account of dances and cultural performances of the students ambience became extremely energetic.


    Aptitude-cum Psychometric test

    Pragyaan'12 held successfully on 19th feb 2012.


    Battle for Cricket Championship

    Sangharsh'12 proved to be a real 'sangharsh' between 18 top teams of Pantnagar. U-team was unbeatable in the tournament, exocoetus lost a match against U-team and Vet-1st year too bumped hard on the pitch with some really great match moments keeping the tournament interesting.
    Sangharsh held successfully from 11-12th feb 2012
    Winner: U-Team
    Runner-up: Exocoetus


    Entree of the intellects

    Aagmann'11 held successfully on 20th October'11

  • Workshops/ Seminars/ Training/ Conferences

    National Training Programme on "Bioinformatics and System Biology Approaches for Agriculture and Veterinary Applications" organized by Bioinformatics Sub DIC, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering, during September 13 -15, 2014

    National Training Programme on "Bioinformatics and System Biology Approaches for Agriculture and Veterinary Applications" organized by Bioinformatics Sub DIC, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering, College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar-263145, Uttarakhand during September 13 -15, 2014 (Coordinator: Dr. Anil Kumar, Professor & Head; Organizer: Dr. Gohar Taj, Scientist I/C, Bioinformatics, and Co-organizer: Dr. S.D. Samantaray, Professor & Head, Computer Engineering, College of Technology)

    National Training Workshop on "Molecular Docking & Simulation for identification of novel molecules for Agricultural & Veterinary applications" w.e.f. 14-17, Sept, 2013

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    The Conference on "Prioritizing Research areas on Nano-Bio-Information Technology for development of North-Western Himalayan States"

    Conference Details: click here

    Conference Name: Prioritizing Research areas on Nano-Bio-Information Technology for development of North-Western Himalayan States

    Conference Date: Friday, July 12, 2013 - 10:30 to Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 17:00

    Conference Venue: Ratan Singh Auditorium, G.B.P.U.A.&T., Pantnagar

    Body: Nano-bio-information technology, which integrates three important technologies viz, nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology has potential to accelerate agriculture and economical growth of hill-states.

    Thematic Session:
    1. Swot analysis of current status of Bio resources and its potential in agro-climate conditions in north western Himalayan states.
    2. Multi-disciplinary approaches in biotech research for Agri-food, nutrition and health security.
    3. Nanotechnology for enhancing the precision and efficiency of biological system.
    4. Bioinformatics for documentation of Himalayan bio-resources and discovery of novel molecules

    Conducted “Researchers’ Training V: Data Analysis Using SAS” to improve the knowledge of data analysis of the scientist/ faculty members of the university 22-28 July 2011.

    Dr Anjana Srivastava Convener, Organized National symposium on Pesticides, Food Safety & Environment on November 8, 2011.

    National Training workshop on “Intervention of Bioinformatics in Biodiversity Indexing Technologies, Oct 10-14, 2011 for the scientists, mid career teachers and Students.

    There exists a huge plant biodiversity in our country and specifically in the state of Uttarakhand which has vast reservoirs of many useful genes and biologically active molecules that are largely unknown and have many beneficial properties which can be exploited for biomedical and agricultural applications. Unfortunately, growing human intervention into the floral habitats has led to fast erosion of these prized natural resources. Hence, to tap the full potential, there is immediate need to index these bio-resources using modern techniques such as development of core and mini core, their phenomics and genomics, DNA fingerprinting such as using modern DNA barcoding tools, which would subsequently be of immense help in identifying important proteins /compounds and mining important genes. Therefore, to scintillate and equip young and active researchers in the field of biodiversity indexing, the Bioinformatics Sub-DIC, Pantnagar conducted a 5 day workshop on the topic “Intervention of Bioinformatics in Biodiversity Indexing Technologies” on Oct 10th-14th, 2011. Expectedly, the theme of the workshop attracted more than 80 participants from various universities/institutions of our country. To provide a comprehensive understanding about the subject, on-hand practicals and lectures were organized by invited eminent scientists like Dr. L.M.S. Palni from GBPIHED, Almora, Dr. Anil Kumar from GBPUAT, Pantnagar, Dr. Dr. T. Napolean from IARI, Dr. Badri Narayan from NISER, Bhubneswar, Dr. Sunder from IIT Delhi, Dr. Sameer Savant from NBRI of our country who have in-depth knowledge of theoretical concepts of bioinformatics and computational biology as well as wide knowledge of various bioinformatics tools that have applications in biodiversity indexing. The participants gave an overwhelming response to the contents of workshop and were very interested in utilizing the knowledge gained to explore the biodiversity potential of our country as well as integrating it in their ongoing research work.

    Summer Training on “Appreciation of Molecular Biology, Immunology and Plant Tissue Culture Techniques” 45 days training for UG & PG students of Biotechnology from different Institution.

    GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology is one of the prestigious universities in the field of agriculture and technology. Biotechnology courses offered by the University are upheld not only at the national level but also at the international level. Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, College of Basic Science and Humanities is a nodal department and successfully running Master’s and Doctoral programmes in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology since last two decades. Keeping pace with the present scenario of the biotech industry, the University is offering summar/winter trainings in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology to the students of neighboring institutions located in Uttarakhand and also from institutions of different states of our country in order to enable the students to explore greater career prospects and employment opportunities. Department of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering is running a four to six weeks on hand training programme for the under graduate and postgraduate students. Training programmewas designed in such a way that covers basic as well as recent emerging techniques in the field of biotechnology. Last year we received approximately 250 applications from all over the Country. Among them, twenty five candidates were selected on the basis of their academic record. We also select at least one student from each institute to maintain the heterogeneity in the group. The feed back of the students regarding training module, lectures and on hand practical examination was rewarding.

    National workshop on Climate Crisis and Agriculture: Preparedness, Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies, September 17-18 2011 sponsored by Oxfam, UDI, PAIRVI, New Delhi.

    State level Watershed Management and Rainwater Harvesting Workshop during 24th -25th February, 2011 at Hotel Radisson, Metropolis City, Rudrapur.

    Uttarakhand State is well endowed with Forest and Water resources, but due to unscientific agronomic practices, hydrologic imbalances, natural calamities and increasing population; the Himalayan Watersheds are under constant threat. In view of above, the Council in collaboration with Central Ground water Board (CGWB), Dehradun and G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar is organizing state level watershed management workshop. The aim of the workshop is to develop human resource in this area for generating greater participation at community level.

    Regional Seminar “How can intellectual property help?” in association of UCOST and Indian Patent Office, Hotel Radisson, Rudrapur, October 01, 2011.

    Intellectual property (IP) is a term referring to a number of distinct types of creations of the mind for which a set of exclusive rights are recognized under the corresponding fields of law. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Common types of intellectual property rights include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets in some jurisdictions.