• A novel bioagent, a fungus, which could act as effective biofertilizer has been patented by Dr.A.K.Sharma (Patent No.1002/DEL/2005 of 21.04.2005).
  • Mass multiplication of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi using Aeroponic system (Patent filed by Dr. A. K. Sharma vide letter BT/BPFC/04/006/2011 PID dated 5.7.2011).
  • Preparation of talc based formulation for LDPE degrading bacterial consortium. Patent filed by Dr. M.G.H. Zaidi, application No 213/Del/2011, dated 31.01.2011.
  • Patent on A Method of Preparing Antimicrobial Nanocomposites in Supercritical CO is under filing 2 by Dr. M.G.H. Zaidi and his team.